What we do

Hair styling:
With a balanced team that focuses on old school barbering and modern trends, we cater for classic and contemporary styling, but always with a masculine feel.


Mr Dappers’ classic cut £15
Expertly cut using the old school scissor over comb technique to neatly blend around the back and sides using your natural hair line. Scissor cutting the top and finishing with a tapered neck or classic ‘Boston’ style square neck, neck hairs are removed and ears and eyebrows checked for any stray ‘fellas’.

Mr Dappers’ Buzz cut (crew cut) and fade £12
A super clipper cut with a number of grades to shape and fade, a detailing razor is used to finish off those sharp lines to detail.

Mr Dappers’ Fresh clipper cut £15
Using all techniques required hair is expertly cut using scissors and clippers to blend short hair, giving a modern look.

Mr Dappers’ senior citizen cut £10-£12
An old classic haircut expertly done with clippers and scissors to add texture and shape.

Mr Dappers’ childrens cuts £12
Children know what they want and Mr Dapper can acheive all modern styles, finished with waxes and gels. Toddlers always get a lolly pop or sweet and Mr Dapper is proud to give them the perfect cut and experience that your children deserve.

Mr Dappers’ Restyles £15-£20
Predominantly using the clippers, either freehand or with grades, hair is expertly shaped, being tailored to your particular hair shape. Skin fades are a specialty and if you want something that sets you apart from the crowd, we can do that too! Undercuts, wedges, mohawks, mohicans, flat tops, lines and patterns. We can do it all!

Skin Fade £18

Just Back and Sides £13

Bear shaping for full beards £15

Short close cut beard shaping £10

Flat top £17

Provision OK face masks an extra £1, as they are compulsory for the foreseeable future